Orthodontist: Learning About Childhood Braces

First of all,Orthodontist: Learning About Childhood Braces Articles what is an orthodontist? Essentially this person is a dentist that specializes in straightening teeth. Literally, the term “ortho” means straight or erect in Greek. So to be interested in orthodontics means to study the straight teeth. More importantly, an orthodontist studies what is causing teeth to not be straight and what can be done to make them straighter.

Which is where braces and retainers come into play. In most cases these devices are used to deal with crooked or displaced teeth. This is what most concerns dentists and orthodonture specialists. Occasionally, though, braces and retainers are created to deal with a malocclusion, or an out of place bite. Either a severe over or under bite can be dealt with using orthodontics, as well.

Orthodontic Treatment Singapore - Aloha Dental ClinicThere are a multitude of factors that can lead you to taking your child to an orthodontics specialist. Genetics can play a role in your child’s jaw, mouth and teeth. Your child could just have been born with an improper bite. This is common in the world of under bites specifically. Sometimes genetics come into play when a child’s permanent teeth start coming in. children can have problems with teeth pushing other teeth around to make room.

Habits that your child develops at a young infant or as a toddler can reap havoc on the jaw, mouth and teeth. Your child may have caused an 隱適美隱形牙套 over bite by years of thumb-sucking or other habit causing movement in the teeth and jaw. “Binkies” can also cause unwanted movement or misplacement of the teeth. When the jaw and mouth are growing, outside factors have great importance.

Now that your child is a little older and you are seeing that the jaw or tooth placement is a problem or may become one as they get older, you are looking for solutions. An orthodontist is definitely the best person to make an appointment with. They can help you set-up a plan for your child’s teeth and you can discuss your options. Usually, an orthodontics specialist will practice general dentistry as well and can care for any other dental problems.

You may learn that the problem isn’t nearly as great as you thought and your child’s permanent teeth will grow in just fine. Learning more about the growth process of the teeth, you may decide to set your child up with a series of retainers or appliances to correct the under or over bites. There are many options to explore before you make the choice to outfit your child with braces.

The best thing you can do if you are concerned about your child’s teeth is to talk to a dentist. Your family dentist may have answers about orthodontics for you or may be able to refer you to a reputable orthodontist. Talk with a specialist about any of your concerns.